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Seeing Your Veterinarian Simplified

We Come To You

Currently, you schedule an appointment after work, so you fight through traffic to get home, pick up your  pet and the kids, get back in the car,  then sit in a crowded and noisy waiting room.  Finally, you are in the exam room with your pet and  kids waiting for a few precious minutes with the Doctor.  At the end of the appointment, you gather your pet and the kids and go home while trying to remember the discussion with the Doctor.

“Many common health problems can be diagnosed and treated at home, and some behavior problems are more easily diagnosed in the home setting”.

The Travelling Vet is simple, you get a more relaxed and comfortable experience for  you and your pet at your home, on your schedule and you have more time with the Doctor.

Reasons to consider a Housecall Practice:

  • Pets that do not travel well
  • Pet Owner does not drive
  • Household with multiple pets
  • Chronic conditions that need monitoring
  • Pet hospice and end of life care